moon rocks

May 18, 2014

sometimes the earth seems rather moonlike. just another satellite revolving around something bigger than us.

2010 – 120 film

16 exposures


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surface tension

May 29, 2013

New works evolving breaking the surface tension and cutting into my canvas. look a little deeper and feel what we are made of.

painting, sawing, chiseling, cutting, drawing, chainsawing.

Paint on found object. 2012.

bless you

surface tension

detail for surface


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March 18, 2013

experimenting with film photography

overlapping moments and memories

print_sagradafamilia santacruzweb mollyweb library3web gaudibeach

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the moon is near

January 21, 2013


the moon is near. from samuel gerhard on Vimeo.

Mural painting for group show in berkeley

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September 28, 2012

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shot on a holga 120


my current artists statement is heavily influenced by this work.

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Come Find Out

linoleum block hand printed on paper grocery bag with reused screen printing ink and water. 2011

This became the cover of our first house zine and has now become the title.


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outside lands

I was laying on my bed when Harrison walked into my room. Wearing a gold chain and a look of spontaneous determination, I knew something big was about to happen.

We used found materials to make the most magnificent fort we could ever imagine. There were quilted gods eyes hanging from the trees over head and wooden shacks scattered about. The discarded had been reclaimed with an intention of making all things have a proper place. the walls were made of pianos and wicker. Nick turned his six foot wind chimes into a tree swing for all to play. we camped there for a few days in that grove. My jacket smelled of eucalyptus for months.


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weathering the storm

May 18, 2012


collage and paint on found print


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April 05, 2012


Digital collage some with oil paint from 2010-2011

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